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The next generation visual risk management software

BowTieXP is a next generation risk assessment tool that uses the Bowtie Method to assess risks. BowTieXP is unique in its ability to visualise complex risks in a way that is understandable, yet also allows for detailed risk based improvement plans.

BowTieXP standard will get you started to identify and manage your risks in 6 simple steps.

  1. Add a Hazard
  2. Add a Top Event
  3. Add Threats
  4. Add Consequences
  5. Add Controls
  6. Add Defeating Factors

Risk Matrices.

The software will allow you to customise your risk matrices very easily. The software has options to create up to 8 custom risk matrices for use. It only requires to be done once and can be used perpetually for all your risk assessments.

Structure safety knowledge to increase risk awareness

Summarise existing safety studies

It can be a challenge to see the bigger picture through the maze of safety studies that are conducted. BowTies provide a summary of all of them, getting the key pieces of information out and giving a good overview. In the process, gaps in original safety studies float to the surface which can be answered in a BowTie workshop.

Uncover new operational issues

Often, new insights will emerge from BowTie workshops that were not identified with other methods. The highly visual and interactive nature of BowTie building ensures maximum involvement from operational staff. Because BowTies are created by operational staff, relevant information is included and the staff has a sense of ownership and acceptance of the BowTies.

Visualise your Safety Management System on a BowTie

You can build a Safety Management System that is rooted in a Bowtie risk analysis. Each activity can be traced back to the reasons for doing it. The SMS exists primarily in identifying safety critical activities undertaken to assure the on-going integrity of risk barriers. Everyone can see the riskcontext in the Bowtie, together with the activities.