SharePoint Add-on brochure 

SharePoint - Manage and control your bowties

Key Features

Centralised BowTie repository

SharePoint gives organisations a central location to store and manage their BowTies. Searching for the latest version in an e-mail is a thing of the past. The BowTieXP SharePoint Enterprise Add-on allows for a consistent approach to building BowTies

Authorisation and security

BowTieXP follows the authorisation settings from Microsoft SharePoint, allowing you to determine precisely which BowTies are visible to different users in different locations. This pertains to file access rights, file version visibility and modification rights.

Check in / Check out

BowTieXP allows Check in / Check out functionality, which ensures that no BowTie has conflicting copies. There will always be one correct version.

Approval workflow

SharePoint can also start a content approval process in which content is first saved as a draft. After approval this draft can be promoted to a normal version. This ensures the integrity of the information in the BowTie while still allowing a large team to work on the same file.

Automatic versioning

A version history is automatically created, to ensure that changes can always be undone, and detailed comparisons can be made between versions.