AuditXP Add-on brochure  

AuditXP - Check & monitor risk performance

BowTieXP Advanced + Audits is an identical version of the BowTieXP-Advanced software but has the Audit module as an add-on. It enables all the controls to be audited, measured, and displayed on the BowTie. The features and capablity of the Audit module is listed below.

What is BowTieXP Audits?

BowTieXP Audits is an add-on for the BowTieXP software package. It is used to generate barrier related audit questionnaires. The add-on allows users to easily generate questions concerning barriers and management systems. These single questions can then be compiled into questionnaires, which can be exported as easy Excel audit fill-out lists. After importing the audit findings, the results can be visualized in the diagram.





Why BowTieXP Audits?

Auditing is a valuable way of gaining insight into barrier quality/effectiveness, to get early warnings before incidents will occur. With the BowTieXP Audits add-on, CGE Risk Management Solutions provides a tool to close the Deming circle. After defining the barriers in your safety management system (i.e. the plan stage) and implementing them (i.e. the do stage), a check is required to ensure the quality of the barriers. Relying on barriers that are in reality inadequate can be dangerous. Also, a thorough examination of the barriers during the check stage facilitates the generation of relevant recommendations later on (i.e. act stage).

Advantages of BowTieXP Audits

We selected 3 main advantages of using BowTieXP Audits: create questions on different ‘bowtie levels’, generating easy Excel audit fill-out lists and visualizing audit results.

Visualizing audit results

Because the audits can be linked to barriers that are defined in the BowTie diagram, the results can be represented on them as well. This provides the user with a quick graphic overview of the barrier status, based on the audit results. The visual representation facilitates expert judgments on overall barrier quality. It also provides an up-to-date feedback on the current barrier quality status.