BowTieXL Add-on brochure

BowTieXL - Quantitative and qualitative risk analysis.

BowTieXL is a platform that allows you to create your own ideas and methods of analysing risks. Using Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheets, this unique software has broken all the rules, giving you the freedom and flexibility to build and manipulate data in BowTie diagrams almost as freely as Excel will allow. Initially developed as a tool to allow quantification of BowTies, the capabilities of BowTieXL has surprised even its developers; early adopters have already used BowTieXL to create actual risk pictures, map multiple incidents and audits, link a hazard register, simply add or modify data fields and of course find a host of ways to quantify the BowTie.

Scoring controls

Calculating aggregated effectiveness of controls

The effectiveness rating of a control used to be a stand-alone value, with no real way to combine the effectiveness of multiple controls. Now, BowTieXL makes it possible to aggregate values across multiple controls to ascertain the overall effectiveness. The applications for such calculations are far reaching, for instance in determining your ALARP level.

Questionnaires -Updating control status with data from questionnaires

One thing that BowTieXL can be useful for is building questionnaires that link to BowTies, such as questions relating to an incident. Such a questionnaire is filled in after an incident has occurred, to enable a quick assessment of which controls failed. This can be easily viewed in a BowTie to provide context.Another type of questionnaire is that used in audits. Answers that are provided during an audit will update controls and adjust the effectiveness based on