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BowTieServer - Enterprise Wide Risk Management

BowTieServer Product Brochure (to download, print or email).

BowTieServer unites different risk disciplines in a single, central repository with BowTies and related information. It combines all the powerful tools we already have, like BowTieXP, IncidentXP and AuditXP, and unifies them across the organisation. It's also the foundation for an innovative approach to barrier management with a modern take on existing ideas, and an exploration of new concepts.

Centralise risk information

BowTieServer maintains consistent company standards and advanced access control, enabling transparent line of sight and peer learning at the same time. To see the bigger picture, you need a consistent approach to risk management across the organisation.

Monitor barrier performance

BowTieServer can monitor barrier performance over time. This is done through an integrated approach with audits, incidents and other data sources. Monitoring barrier degradation and emergent risk trends over time are now possible With previous software releases such as AuditXP and IncidentXP, BowTies moved from a static picture to a live framework that is updated with new information to provide an up-to-date view on the status of your barriers. BowTieServer extends this functionality to the whole organisation. Benchmark barriers against each other, pick out potential outliers or analyse average performance across the organisation.

Audit and survey management

One of the best applications of Bowties is to use them as a framework for audits and surveys. We have built AuditXP as a tool to create risk based audits using the BowTies. Managing the audits that you generate using this tool can be challenging though. BowTieServer will include an integrated audit workflow to manage your audits and make sure questions are answered. It's simple, straightforward and you'll be surprised at the depth of insight you’ll get by combining audits and Bowties together.

SIR: Scenario-based Incident Registration

One of the information sources for monitoring barrier performance are incidents. BowTieServer includes an innovative module called SIR (Scenario-based Incidnent Registration), which complements the desktop functionality of IncidentXP. SIR uses special Incident BowTies to aid structured data collection from incident reports. It is designed to be used by anyone and guides the user through the process of reporting an incident.








SAP integration

BowTieServer also includes a module to integrate with SAP to determine the status of equipment and what it means for the level of risk. Each component from SAP is linked to a larger barrier system. Includes not only creating structure, but also determining overall status from specific pieces of equipment

Aggregate risk

Risk aggregation is done in two major ways. First, average performance overviews are created. This allows us to see if there is a general weakness in the organisation which is not location specific. Second, individual outliers are highlighted. This information is then presented to the relevant parties.

Contextual risk awareness

With all this information, it can be a challenge to get relevant information to the right person. BowTieServer has dashboards which can truly support decisions in a meaningful way. This is done by focusing on the type of decisions each level of the organisation needs to make, and tailoring the information to aid that decision making. Each dashboard was meticulously considered and designed. We use context to determine which information to display when. To present the right information for the person, place, time, and decision. This context can be role based with a personal safety portfolio (what am I responsible for and what is it's status) or activity based (which barriers should I use now? what are the risks in this activity?)





Hosted Solutions

BowTieServer can be installed on premise (in your network environment) or as a cloud service (a hosted solution).

The cloud service can be used as temporary solution during the starting and implementation phase, to keep the momentum when introducing BowTieServer in the organization. Existing installations of the desktop products BowTieXP, IncidentXP and AuditXP can be linked to BowTieServer with a simple software upgrade.

Off the-shelve solutions of Microsoft Azure are used to offer hosted solutions for clients and end users.