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Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the webviewer in use. Download the silverlight application if it is not on your computer.

Communicate your BowTies throughout the organization and improve risk awareness

Risk communication has always been difficult to accomplish. Often, the conclusions of safety studies end up on a shelf, instead of being tailored and delivered to the employee. The BowTieXP WebViewer allows organizations to distribute relevant information to the right places in the organization to ensure safe operations.

KEY FEATURES - Webviewer Software

Web Based communication

The BowTieXP WebViewer allows you to view your BowTies anytime, any place through the web. Combine the power of BowTie visualisation with the power of the web.

The BowTies are available throughout the whole organization.

The BowTieXP WebViewer simply needs an internet browser and internet or intranet access, and the Microsoft Silverlight plugin.

Slots into your intranet or SharePoint

The BowTieXP WebViewer can be deployed to SharePoint or it can be embedded into your intranet. This means that employees, whether they’re in HSE, Operations or Management, get exactly the information that they require. Deployment is simple: SharePoint deployment can be done by anyone who can edit pages; deployment to your intranet requires mimimal effort from your intranet's support staff.

Central BowTieXP-database

With the BowTieXP WebViewer you can create a central location for all your BowTies, making sure no valuable BowTie knowledge is lost.

Other features

View additional information for all hazards, controls and escalation factors, providing viewers with more contextual and in-depth information, making the BowTie easier to understand.

Re-uses display profiles you created in your BowTieXP case files - color coding and display of extra information are fully supported.

Link to relevant documentation in your Document Management System, allowing viewers to deepen their insights into the BowTie.

The Webviewer is a concurrent user licence model and does not require any software installation on the users device.

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