BowTieXP - Consulting

RPS is the official solutions provider for the software, training and consulting services. We can assist develop your bowtie template, document bowtie procedure and even develop your powerpoint slides.

 Bowtie Consulting Brochure

BowTieXP Template

The BowTieXP software is essentially a blank canvas. It is important to set up a template that fits the needs and requirements of a business. The software defaults provides a starting point. However, it is important to set up a template prior to using the software.

We can assist setting up a template for consistent use. It includes creating you own risk matrices, look up values, terminology, profiles and much more.

We have an efficient turn around time given our depth and experience with the software.

Bowtie Procedure

Developing bowties in a consistent manner by applying the bowtie methodology is of utmost importance. This ensures that the data and the framework applied is consistent across the developed bowties. If you think "a picture means a thousand words" think again! With bowties "few words can mean a thousand different things" It is important to outline the objectives for risk management, the context in which it is applied, the depth of analysis and the target audience to name a few.

RPS can develop a framework that is aligned with the ISO 31000 framework and include all the parameters that require consideration when generating bowties.

Critical Controls

Identifying critical controls is crucial in the risk management process. In many instances this may be overlooked or not understood. The criteria for determining critical controls can be complex.

We can establish a process to identify the critical controls and make them accessible using the BowTieXP software.